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In 2006 I designed the Vandenbrink GTO, a tribute to the iconic 1962/63 Ferrari 250 GTO. The body was specifically designed to be built on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano chassis and drivetrain. Ferraris have always been a passion of mine, mainly because of the beautiful and timeless bodywork designs from the fifties and sixties. Unsatisfied with Ferrari’s current design direction I picked up my pencil and started to draw. I tried to picture my all-time favorite Ferrari model, the 250 GTO, as how she would have looked when she’d have developed into a modern day, all mature lady. Still sexy, more powerful and realistically purposeful to modern standards.


Soon after my initial sketches got spread all over the internet, it seemed I was not the only one with similar nostalgic thoughts. The sketches drew a lot of positive attention. TOPGEAR even wrote: “We’ve reached ocular nirvana. Arguably the best-looking car in the world”, and in 2008 the GTO had been awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum.

In 2015 I returned to my original GTO design. Time has moved on and Ferrari now make the glorious F12berlinetta. The proportions and mechanical developments gave me a new desire to evolve my design and use carbon fibre instead of aluminium to create an even more dramatic and modern design…