Such a simple word, however...

Translating a dream into a functional object of pure elegance is a complex and delicate process.The development of a new design is teamwork and needs more than 'just' a series of nice design sketches. Choices and refinements need to be made during each stage.

Even though a design process may be a team's effort, it is not a democratic process. The so called 'design by committee' processes too often result in messy and characterless designs and therefore there must always be one person in charge of interpreting the client's wishes in order to translate them into beautiful shapes.

I use my sense of style to merge the various disciplines and techniques into a product of timeless beauty. My strength lies in the fact that I respect the technical boundaries and possibilities when creating a new automotive piece of art. Together with my network of technical partners, aerodynamics experts and skilled craftsmen, we offer the full package from first sketch to working prototype or street-legal custom-built car or motorcycle.